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"Prepare. Respond. Recover. It's time to get Ready LA" - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Feel like you want to help your fellow citizens in the aftermath of a terrible disaster? Some agencies and organizations rely on unpaid volunteers such as yourself in those situations.
You can volunteer

If you’d like to make a difference, here’s who you can call:

Community Emergency Response Teams

Throughout the nation, the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) play an important role in supporting preparedness plans. Members are trained to respond quickly to area disasters, fires, light search and rescue, and medical operations. To be apart of this vital team, you can click on the link below for more information.

Support Services Volunteers

The Support Services Volunteer (SSV) organization serves as an auxiliary unit of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Members provide logistical and adjunct support to the Los Angeles Fire Department. The scope of volunteers’ involvement depends on the incident affecting the City. Services rendered by the volunteers allow first responders to actively engage the front lines of any crisis event. To learn more about the valuable service and actions undertaken by this volunteer unit, please click on the icon:

Auxiliary Communications Service

The Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) volunteer organization assists the Los Angeles Fire Department by backing up the Department's radio frequency system. All members of the organization are trained to meet rigorous qualifications from the City of Los Angeles and the State. To learn more about this worthwhile volunteer organization, click on the icon below:

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